Those that touch our lives …. stay in our hearts forever✿ ♥


Father's day

To celebrate Father’s Day, I want to share a bit of my dad in his memory.

Dear Daddy,

I still remember your loving, sincere smile …
When the neighbors said their greetings, “Good morning, Don Efra (Efrain)”

I felt proud
Your memory remains in me. 🙂
In you I saw the sincerity, justice, goodness and love above all others.
you were a man of good heart.
With the strengths and weaknesses as a human being.
You were a noble man,
This was your legacy!

And I personally value this greatly.
Your calm temper and love to correct us.
You helped me with the multiplication tables, with art class,

and encouraged me to learn the flute

for my music class 🙂
Your good taste for music, such as the orchestra of Billy Vaughn,

and taste for photography; these two tastes that I inherited as well!
Thank God for giving me a daddy like you 🙂
I still remember when you said “Be yourself Mija”
Shared many laughs and tears, you gave me your shoulder when I was sad,

and you said, “Everything will be fine, mijita.”
I still have the newspaper letter you dedicated for me.
I remember when you said “by communicating, we understand people.” 🙂
The tongue-twisters you taught us 🙂 .. I could write a book about you!!
Papi we will remember you with love,

I miss you, but I know you are only ahead of us,

especially when God willing, we wil see you again.
Love, Janina .

Happy Father’s Day!

you are wonderful...


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