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Frida Kahlo..๐ŸŒป


no juzgues~2
Frida Kahlo, naciรณ un 6 de julio de 1907 en Coyoacรกn, Mexico.
Se le conoce como una de las mรกs grandes pintoras Mexicanas.
Dejo muestra de su talento Creando la obra metafรณrica casi exacta de su vida. Frida falleciรณ el 13 de julio de 1954.

Celebrate Birthday!!


Theย Lordย bless you
and keep you;
ย theย Lordย make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
ย theย Lordย turn his faceย toward you
and give you peace.

~NUMBERS 6:24-26

Let them praise the nameย of theย Lord,
for at his commandย they were created,

~PSALM 148:5

Birthdays come and go
And years may pass away
But Godโ€™s love and mercy
Youโ€™ll find will never fade
His love is always there
No matter what we do
In our hearts forever
His love remains true.

By M.S.Lowndes.